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Here is the list of topics for which teaching aids can be downloaded.ABC, Animals, Birds, Parts of body, colors, shapes, Vegetables, fruits, Vehicles, numbers and counting.

For each topic the formats available for download are given. Click on the format to download it. All the formats have same content except that the PDF files are without voice background. Please inform us in case of broken links. Leave a comment below or write to

Download win-rar for your system from here

  •  ABC (A for apple etc., ) Around two to four words for each alphabet with colorful pictures and voices. Alphabet song too included.

Download : PPT            PDF        

  • Animals: Teach the names of 31 animals with pictures. 

Download : PPT            PDF

  • Birds: Consists of 17 names of birds with pictures

Download : PPT            PDF

  • Parts of the body: Teach kids about the external body parts.

Download : PPT            PDF          PPS             Flash

  • Colors: Children can learn the names of ten colors

Download : PPT            PDF          PPS             Flash

  • Fruits: Pictures of 25 types of fruits are available.

Download : PPT            PDF          

  • Numbers: Teach children numbers from one to ten and also counting.

Download : PPT           PDF          PPS            Flash

  • Shapes: Names and figures of 7 shapes are available.

Download : PPT            PDF          PPS             Flash

  • Vegetables: These files consist of colorful pictures of 25 vegetables with names.

Download : PPT            PDF          PPS             Flash


  • All Means of transportation : Find pictures of land, water and airtransportatio
Download : PPT            PDF
  • Vehicles: Names and pictures of 18 means of  transportation are available.

Download : PPT            PDF          PPS             Flash

  • All Means of transportation Download : PPT    PDF
  •    Land Transportation                 Download : PPT       PDF
  • Air Transportaion Download : PPT     PDF
  • Water Transporatation : PPT PDF
  • Action Words      Download : PPT    PDF




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    very much useful

  2. good very helpful fot teachers

  3. Neha Pipersania says:

    Thanks much for the presentations…these are really very helpful…my kids are learning very fast…one comment though, section “Numbers: Teach children numbers from one to ten and also counting.” has nothing to download. Please correct it.

  4. DHAVAL.N.ROHIT says:

    its very useful to me to teach my student.Really a Great job.thank you

  5. DHAVAL.N.ROHIT says:

    you should also give much ppt or pdf file with gujarati doubt we should not deal with gujarati meanings but it is necessary for the students of primary school of gujarat

  6. Very invaluable materials. Great for teachers. God bless you.

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  10. Muneeswaran says:

    good attempt, it is fine and simple. I hope it shall be useful to my kid. Thank you

  11. Deepika Vivek says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful job it was so useful!!!

  12. Jeyakumar Rajakani says:

    Dear sir / madam

    The first file (ABC….) is not able to download. Please do the needful


  13. thank u so much for ur presentations…..can u please add more animals and their young ones.. ?

  14. Sir/Madam

    Can u please upload ppt with sounds for alphabets with pronunciation….like A says ah…B says bbbbbb….. and all…


  15. Thanks so much

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  17. this is very useful knowledge for my son

  18. josefina santos says:

    thank you very much..very helpful materials

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    Excellent Work. Thanks…………………….

  20. Hi, thanks for the great materials. unfortunately, I cannot hear the voice during slide show.

  21. Hello do you have any My home theme for preschool?? thanks!!!

  22. thank you very much. it is useful for me to teach my children

  23. I need stories for 3 years old kid with ppt

  24. Hai..
    I saw thirsty crow story in kidown planets in yuotube.that is very nice presentation for kids.In the same I need somemore stories.

  25. Iwas do a power point for my teacher thx you will help other people

  26. very helpful but we can not download videos

  27. very helpful but we can not download videos
    very nice download it

  28. very helpful for children

  29. Nidhi Chauhan says:

    Kindly send me some downloads for teaching children about family

  30. Thanks alot……it’s really worked for my child to learn interestingly….

  31. very helpful 🙂

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