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  1. Rev. Blesson Chacko says:

    Started a primary school in a rented premises to help the students from the weaker sections of the society.

  2. how-to-start-a-play-school in chennai india

    • Hi,
      We are in pre-school industry for more than 5 years. Hope we could help you in starting a pre school in chennai. We are no royalty model pre-school franchise and with very low franchise fee.

      Honeybunny is very transparent in all the way we support you in starting as well as running a pre-school. You could reach us svijay1983@gmail.com or +91-9176660092.

      Vijayakumar S
      Operation Manager – HoneyBunny International Pre School

  3. Accept my subscription.

  4. Sir
    I want to start a play school. How you can help me. please send your curriculum .


  5. hii , Sirisha
    Good Listen back from you.

    With Warm Regds
    The Genius Play School


  6. Play School Consultant
    Points need to be taken care while opening a playschool in which parents would like to admit their kids:

    School Name and Logo

    It looks very easy to choose the name of your school, but in my experience, it is very difficult to think a name, which is different and attractive than others. Just think from heart about the school name and than search if it already been chosen by other school or not, better to choose some unique name and logo than get it registered. In the meantime, you can start planning for the other things such as staff recruitment, staff training – if required,,furniture suppliers and other infrastructure materials.
    Investment and Budget

    The decision of investment depends on the size of playschool you are going to open. If you have your own space than major part of investment would be saved and infrastructure investment depends on the area of space, i.e. if you want to accommodate about 50 or more kids than you need to spend more money on infrastructure, it will go higher if it is a rented space.
    You will have to spent on following other heads in addition to space.
    Registration of logo and business names and obtain license*
    Staff salaries, infrastructure.
    Marketing and promotions expenses
    Purchasing kids furniture and toys.
    * You don’t need a license if you are planning to have not more than 8 to 10 kids to begin with. Better to do it legally.
    And keep in mind that return on investment from play school does not start instantly, so you should always keep buffer, if you don’t have other source of earning.

    After deciding the investment and budget, finalize the location, while deciding the location following things need to be considered
    Own Space or Rented Space
    Number of rooms.
    Availability of funds for rent/owning space.
    Open space for kids.

    For every new business, promotions are very important so after completing the above work you need to promote you school in your locality and areas adjoining your locality. You can use local newspaper for advertisements, local cable channels, distributing pamphlets in nearby area and social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc.
    If you want to save money on advertisement budget in start, you can promote your business amongst the housewives and promote your business through word of mouth technique, which is very effective in case of pre-school as most of your clients would only be the housewives in your locality.

    Source: http://lotuswing.hubpages.com/hub/Opening-a-Play-School-is-an-Art

    For More Solutions:

    Visit: http://www.imsolutions.in
    Contact: +91-92162-22267, 98154-62338, 86990-07069
    mail us: info.insightmgm@gmail.com

  7. Hi can u share a video of how to make kitchen utensil with clay foe kg student.

  8. Balasaraswathi says:

    Interested in starting a play school, guidance required

  9. thanx alot

  10. contury the end chile and france and nedertland

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